Video Marketing

Video content creation

Many people are looking for advice on how to do something or make something work better. You could help them with your product or service by sharing your videocontent on YouTube, post videosnippets on Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter and engage with your customers through Facebook’s live video feeds. Bottomline: you need to stand out if you want to be found.

  • Vlogs
  • Presentations
  • Interviewprogram including host
  • Online commercials
  • YouTube channel strategy & management
  • Live video strategy & management for Facebook live,¬†Instagram live and Snapchat (Take-overs)
  • Videosnippets for Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Webinars through Google+
  • E-courses

We work with a professional camerateam for video productions with HD quality. Also we provide take-overs were our team makes video’s of your events or product releases so people can get a behind the scenes experience.